Windmills Of Your Mind
If variety is the spice of life, then some great chord changes can really make a magical song. There is probably no better example than this song. It famously featured in the glider scene in the film "The Thomas Crown Affair". It goes through a  lot of shifts of feeling and  emotion. It uses 13 different chords, most songs might use 4 or 5, and some famous ones only 3 chords.

Interesting, the orginal version was sung by Noel Harrison, he was the son of the actor Rex Harrison. He actually used to sing in venues in Devon, and I met him several times.  A wonderful man indeed, sadly no longer with us. He sang this song brilliantly, slightly in the "sing-talking style" of his father, and his timing of the lyrics is quite amazing, it's almost not in time , but it worked brilliantly.