Bit awkward, I cannot read music, Jo and Claire can, but you cannot always get hold of the score for everything. In the "olden" days you had to listen to records, radio, cassette tapes, TV. Then it was CD's. But thank heavens for video sites like YouTube. You could see unlimited pieces of music and see how they were being performed in so many different ways.

This piece is a sonata. Amazingly it's a sonata for flute composed by J S Bach. We had considered during a flute version with Claire, but went in a completely different tack. We speeded it up a bit and added more bass and rhythm elements.

Here is the YouTube video we used as the reference to record this track:

Jo - Acoustic, Bass & Electric Guitars, Mandolin
Nick - Piano, Strings, Arturia Spark Drum Machine, Triangle (spot it?)

I suppose the electric guitar bit at the end, is a bit "EastEnders" theme'ish.....LOL