Although this is quite a large website, it is not a difficult one to use. The basic thing to do is "click" on everything. Usually the "active link" will respond in some way to show there is some content there. Some links are the usual text style and some are images. We have not used the underline text link for artistic reasons, it spoils the look and can hide any background. The text link will change colour though. Image links usually respond with a simple colour or texture change.
All the musical content will appear in it's own pop-up window, with a media player, or a text link and perhaps some extra information. The music is played using the MP3 format to decrease file size and download times. All music can be downloaded. All the images have been compressed when possible to decrease file size. We use a Worldwide Data Storage Centre system to help decrease download times in different locations around the World. Although there are a lot of images, etc. this site has a "excellent" speed rating using data analysis testing.