"Handel In The Strand" AKA "Clog Dance"
Funny story time. This piece of music by Percy Grainger started off being called "Clog Dance", but he changed it to "Handel In The Strand".  I am quite lucky that I can work out most tunes after hearing them a couple of times.  I originally heard this piece on a radio in a car. I told one of my producer colleagues I reckon I could play this. It was something they knew I could usually do. Finally got next to a keyboard, but for some reason I could not work out which hand to use, really odd. I finally cracked it and played it just like you hear here. My friend laughed, being more classical trained than me, he knew something about this work....and he was very impressed....you see it was a piano duet, and not meant to be played by one person. Come to think of it now, I'm quite impressed as well.....LOL