"Here's one I made earlier"
Blue Peter is a British children's television magazine programme created by John Hunter Blair. It is the longest-running children's TV show in the world, having been broadcast since October 1958. It showed you how to make things with something called "sticky back plastic"...better known as Sellotape. But being on BBC TV you could not advertise a product name. It famously had a awkward baby elephant....it's on YouTube probably.

But the show did have a great theme tune, often mistakenly called the "Sailor's Hornpipe", it was catchy and was well worth doing using synthesizers. Mike Oldfiield did a version, he showed how recording techniques were used back in "the day"

"Here's one we made earlier"? Just a catchphrase, they often made things and instead of doing it in real-time they showed a pre-made version, probably done by an assistant. One that had been made earlier.......