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Honky Tonk Train Blues (Meade Lux Lewis)

Musical Themes of the United States of  America

Scarborough Fair (Traditional)

Classical Brass Medley

Londonderry Air (Traditional)

Stormy Weather (Jazz Style)

Sleigh Ride (Troika) by Prokofiev

The Second Waltz (Shostakovich)

Bach's Largo (Bass and Piano version)

Mozart Sonata (Allegro) Guitars

Romance (Traditional Spanish Folk Melody)

Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

The Sea Tempest (Vivaldi) - Multitracked Flutes

The Firebird (Stravinsky)

Stand By Your Man (Wynette - Aaron Copland style)
A Pigeon
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You know when you have too much spare time when you do things like this, but it's not a bad musical exercise to produce a medley of this style and length. A lot of Christmas melodies, all sung by a selection of Vocaloids. We also used a lot of vocoder effects. They can be useful for harmonies as well, to add some vocal depth. A lot of Christmas tunes have a Classical feel about them, ideal for this album.

Christmas Medley 2022             Piano Medley (A Bit Rough)

Does good music need a good skeleton or framework?
Trotting Turkey
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Recording software used

Bremmers Audio Multitrack Studio Pro-Edition Digital Audio Workstation, Celemony Melodyne 5 Audio Editing Software

Brainworx  SSL9000J and Amek 9099 Channel Strips, Amek EQ200 Mastering Equalizer,  Maag Magnum K Compressor, Shadow Hills Class A Mastering Compressor,  SPL Vitalizer MK2-T Harmonics Enhancer, Black Box Analog Design HG-2MS Saturation Unit, Arturia Infinity Reverb and Eternity Delay Units,  DearVR Pro Spatial Enhancer,  Arturia Pre 76 Pre-amp Unit, BX Pan Eq Equalizer,  BX True Peak Limiter, IK Multimedia T-Racks Monitoring software.

Virtual Instruments (VSTi's) Arturia V Collection 8 , Korg Legacy Collection (Analog & Digital), Synapse Audio Dune 3, IK Multimedia Sample Tank 4, Cherry Audio Vintage Synthesizers (ARP CA2600, ARP Quadra, Polymode, Mercury4, Voltage Modular), EMU Emulator X
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It is a very strange phenomena that I tend to meet the most amazing people at bus stops. It happens so often that I sometimes feel it is fate. One example occurred in 2017. On a un-planned trip to Exeter I met a young lady at a bus stop. I noticed she was wearing a T-shirt  with a image of the "Woods Hole" Institute on it. This is a very famous centre for Oceanographic Studies. In a "previous" life I was involved in this sort of research, I mentioned this during our conversation and had dealt with that institute. During her studies she had tried to contact three programmers in the UK whose work was related to her research. Two were easy to find, but the third one was a bit elusive....unless of course you  were at a bus stop in see, I was the third person she was trying to find....weird or what?
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In the same vain as the above story, I met a young lady called Jo at a bus stop, she was carrying a guitar. Whilst talking I mentioned being involved in music production, my work mainly in the "Electronic Dance Music" genre. However, I was always a lover of Classical Music. I basically learnt to play listening to works by J  S Bach, Mozart, Beethoven etc. I had recorded a lot of pieces by these composers.  Jo also stated her love of the Classical genre. Having a lot of recording equipment and experience, I suggested just trying out a few tracks.  I quite like passing on a lot of recording techniques and tricks to people starting out in their musical careers. Oh, we managed to get Jo's flute playing friend to get involved as well, the more's the merrier I say.  The term "Classical" is open to interpretation here, music can have a Classical feel or Classical elements as well......
Jo Thompson (Acoustic, Electric & Bass Guitars, Mandolin) - Claire Evans (Flute, Piccolo, Tenor Sax, Tin Whistle, Recorder) - Nick Brickell (Synthesizers)
Electronic Dance Music - OK, for the record I did this sort of thing......LOL
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Recording techniques

Considering this was Jo and Claire's first real attempt at "proper" recordings I am quite taken aback how it turned out.  It's not a easy process to record such a diverse range of music. There is so much music technology around nowadays you would think it was easy, but as Elton John has said technology can get in the way.  You can spend a lot of time tweaking this, editing that, and losing the flow in the process.  So a lot of the music here does not use a lot of tracks, keep  it simple stupid. Whilst the synthesizer parts are more convenient since it's "all in the box", working with real instruments is more painstaking.  I thought it would be a good idea to multi track the guitar and flute parts. It quite interesting for musicians of these instruments to experiment with layering their sounds and it often creates a lot more atmosphere and feel. Pretty basic recording techniques, firstly find a convenient bass track to synch everything, Jo's Bass Guitar worked brilliantly for this. Not a great deal of effects though, mostly reverb and slight delay effects.  Minimal compression, just a dull the peaks and keep the lower frequencies in balance.  Stuck with the ever reliable Amek EQ200  and Shadows Hills A Class for the mastering, and just added a little bit of stereo enhancement.
Mastering Computer - Final stage, .wav file analysis using IK Multimedia T-Racks Metering Plugin. K14 volume level setting (streaming friendly). Fostex Studio Monitors (Neutral frequency response, ARC3 Room correction analysis active)

Erm...Not sure what Buddha thinks about the result?
A small video clip showing the type of software used in the production of the music on this page. This example was a requested remake of the Pet Shop Boys version of "Always On My Mind. That track used the legendary "Orch 2" sample from a Fairlight Sampler. On this version, the orchestral hit sound was played on Arturia's software emulation of the Fairlight. How times have changed, and you don't have to fork out over £30000 as well.
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Computer 4
"The Spirit of Egypt" by Anja Anahata
Egyptian Symbol 1
"The Spirit of Egypt" was painted by a wonderful artist called Anja Anahata, who I met at a bus stop.
Egypt 2
Egypt 1
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Bohemian Rhapsody

Yesterday (Lennon & McCartney)

Theme from "633 Squadron" (Goodwin)

Cavatina (Stanley Myers)

Bach's Scilliano (Piano & Mandolin)

Beethoven Sonata No 8

Mozart's Rondo Alla Turca (Variations)

Black and White Rag (Scott Joplin)

Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring (J S Bach)

Cantilena (Villa-Lobos)

Bach Prelude (Bass & Piano)

Peter and The Wolf (Prokofiev)

Paganini's Guitar Concerto

Air on the G String (J S Bach)

Vivaldi's Guitar Concerto

Schubert Trio Serenade

Amazing Grace (Bass & Piano) - Live

Heavy Metal Bach Prelude

Thomas Tallis Theme (Variation)

Carousel (Richard Rodgers)

Ma Vlast  - Smetana

Guitar Etude (Francisco Tarrega)
PHEW....200 tracks.....that's must be enough But a really amazing project. A great experience from start to finish. For a few years people have suggested to me about doing a Classical Music album, but it never really seemed right. But working with two great young musicians has been the catalyst for so many ideas and experiments. No matter how much you know, there is always more to discover. And teaching others, a few "old" tricks is a good way for refresh one's own techniques. Hopefully the listeners will find something to like here....special thanks to Jo and Claire. I wonder who I will meet at the next bus stop?
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A bit of a rough recording, but played on a old piano owned by Jo's mum. Greig's Piano Concerto No 1. I have played all the right notes at the right time.............

Piano Concerto No 1
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After listening to 200 tracks you must now be a expert on the different aspects of "Classical Music". It does cover a wide band of musical styles and technique. Now time to take a test and see how many pieces of music you can recognise and try and name the composers who wrote them. This is a disco-style version of a lot of well-known works by a lot of famous composers. Just to help out a little here, the "Trumpet Voluntary" was not written by Henry Purcell......

Are you ready to take the musical knowledge test?
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WOW....These people were awesome in helping with the production of this "album" (are they still called albums?) - Jo Thompson, Claire Evans, Charlotte Davies, Jenna Levington, Tony Cooper, Anja Anahata (provided artistic inspiration in the mastering stage), Sam & Amelia Thompson,  Jamie Evans, Michael Porter, Stevie Miller, John Cunningham (loaned a tenor saxophone), Paula Buckingham (sorry Paula, I know nothing about bad feet, wrong sort of Doctor....LOL
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (Paul Dukas)

Bach Sonata in E Minor

Ave Maria (Piano Version)

O Come All Ye Faithful  (Church Organ Style)

Gavotte for flute, harpsichord and bass (G F Handel)

The Four Seasons Suite - Antonio Vivaldi

Nautical Themes performed in the style of J S Bach

The Italian Girl In Algiers (Overture) - Rossini

Simple Gifts from Appalachian Spring (Copland)

Caprice in A minor (Paganini) - 2 Variations

Debussy Concerto (Flute and Piano) - Live test

Flight of the Bumblebee - Rimsky Korsakov

The Blue Danube Waltz (Johann Strauss Jr)
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The Bus Stop Album 2022 - Classical Music Edition

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A large selection of music covering many styles and genres, but mostly with a Classical feel.

classical music synthesizers guitars flutes bach mozart handel electronic baroque nick jo claire

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